Field Patrol System

Secure, encrypted, smartphone readable.   Android and iOS smartphones.
Domiciliary Care Nurses
For your domiciliary care nurses to securely check-in and check out using the free Zodiac app on their smartphone.
Security Guards
For your security guards to securely acknowledge their location using the free Zodiac app on their smartphone.



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Zodiac Field Personnel Clock In and Click Out System.

It utilised RFID technology, more precisely, NFC. It is secure. The data on the tag is encrypted and also password protected. You place a secured password protected encoded tags at points where you want your field operatives like domiciliary care personnel's and security guard to check in and or check out. Your field personnel gets to the check point, uses the free Zodiac app on their Android phone or iPhone to touch the NFC tag. They then get the option to choose whether they are checking in or checking out. Optionally, if configured by their manager, they only need to touch their smartphone once on the tag and be checked in or out automatically.

The system is secure as the content on the tag is encrypted, password protected and cannot be read by third party. This is more secured than paper based bar code or QR Code which can be reproduced without authorisation.

With Zodiac, you know your field operatives are where they say they are. You can track them as they go about their duties as you get live feed of their activities on the Windows computer.

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